Childcare Update!

A new permit system will be implemented to allow some parents access to childcare during Melbourne’s Stage 4 lockdown.

Only parents who are permissible workers through the Victorian coronavirus restrictions and have no-one else to watch their children may send their children to childcare facilities. Parents must complete a form for childcare in addition to the permitted work form to continue with childcare. The system will extend to kindergarten and primary school settings and be in place from Thursday 6/8/20.

Permit info:

**Permissible workers who are working from home would be eligible for childcare , but they must complete the form and declare that there is no-one in their home that can look after their children.

ECH childcare programs are adjusting to these new Victorian and Commonwealth support announcements as they happen. It is important to complete permit forms as requirements so that we can continue to support childcare needs and services